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Consumer Queen
“Our Favorite Wellness Products for 2020” Blog

Daniel & Melissa Garcia Consumer Queen bloggers feature several Karatica products in their blog highlighting their picks for the best beauty & wellness products for 2020.


Karatica Beauty V-Tox Patch, Gold Duck Face Mask, Cica Moisturizer

Tabby’s Pantry
“Karatica Beauty for Valentine’s Day” Blog 


“KARATICA has a great line that she is going to fall in love with.
The brand combines the past with the future, providing modern preparations with the guiding elements of precious stones.” 

“I loved each of these. If you are looking for a fantastic line for her she is going to love Karatica”


Eugena Washington loves Karatica Gold Duck's Egg Face Mask

Eugena Washington

Eugena was second runner up on “America’s Next Top Model,” and has appeared in “The Bold and Beautiful”, “The Perfect Match” and “Affairs of State”. She uses the GOLD DUCK’S EGG GDII MASK with gold and pearl powder to help her achieve the glass skin she loves. It also heals blemishes and leaves her skin nourished, brightened, and energized so she looks great both on screen and in photoshoots.


Will Jardell loves the Karatica Gold Duck's Egg Face Mask

Will Jardell

Will has appeared on “America’s Next Top Model” and will be on the new season of the “Amazing Race”! He loves Karatica’s GOLD DUCK’S EGG GDII MASK, with it’s brightening effects that leave his skin soft and glowing. 


Courtney Paige Nelson raves about I'm Cica from Karatica

Courtney Paige Nelson

She’s appeared in “America’s Next Top Model Season” and starred in “Avocado Toast”. Her single “Sorry, I’m Not Perfect” from her new album “28” is out. Courtney can’t stop raving about the I’M CICA and the many benefits she’s seen after using it. The essences that draw out her skin’s impurities leave her skin feeling moisturized, clean and smooth.


Nikki Leigh loves the ease of the Karatica Platinum Fill Patch

Nikki Leigh

Nikki has appeared in “Two and A Half Men”, “The Wedding Ringer”, and “NCIS”. She likes the fact that Karatica’s PLATINUM FILL PATCH goes directly on the wrinkle overnight while you sleep and fills in wrinkles with natural ingredients, without injections.



Christina Bernal touts Karatica Gold Duck's Egg Face Mask

Christina Bernal


Christina loves Karatica’s GOLD DUCK’S EGG CREAM because of the way her skin feels after using it. It’s moisturized, clearer, brighter,  and the 24K gold prevents wrinkles & fine lines to keep her looking her best day or night. It gives her the glass skin she wants to achieve.



Shannon Duffy loves the I'm Cica Essence Pack

Shannon Duffy


Shannon has appeared on MTV’s reality dating series “Are You the One?” and “Ex on the Beach!” I’M CICA is her favorite product and she loves the foaming essence bubbles that remove impurities from her skin. 



Cassandra Scerbo loves the micro-needles from Karatica's I'm Fill Patch

Cassandra Scerbo


Cassandra has appeared in “Star Trek: Progeny,” “Sharknado”. “Truth or Dare”, ”Teen Spirit” and “Bring it On: In it to Win it”. Cassandra played guest roles on “CSI: Miami”, “Hot in Cleveland”, and “Baby Daddy”, and “Make It or Break It.” She uses the I’M FILL PATCH and loves the micro-needles that penetrate to help repair skin cell damage as well as fill wrinkles and fine lines.


Karatica's I'm Cure Patch is perfect for Elliot Fletcher

Elliot Fletcher


Elliot has had a recurring role in shows such as “Shameless” and “The Fosters”. He uses Karatica’s I’M CURE PATCH when breakouts & pimples occur to reduce swelling, redness and size overnight. 


Ana Marte loves using I'm Cica to reduce UV damage

Ana Marte


Ana stars in the Youtube web series “Amigos”, hosts two tv shows- “Get It, Girl” and “Fan Nation”, appears in major feature films and has starred in multiple web series. Ana’s favorite is the I’M CICA because when she uses it, she knows she’s reducing UV damage from the sun, as well as, protecting her skin from pollutants.


Kara Royster for Karatica's I'm Cica

Kara Royster


Kara has appeared in “Pretty Little Liars”, “Youth & Consequences”, “InstaFame” and “Never See Her Again.” Karatica’s I’M CICA is a product she uses and recommends highly because it’s plant powered essences exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving her face soft and moisturized.


Megan Lee loves the healing power of the I'm Cure Patch

Megan Lee


She is best known for her lead role in Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop”. Megan Lee fell in love with our products, especially the I’M CURE PATCH. She likes that fact that it heal blemishes from the inside out unlike topical acne creams. 


Brandi Marie King pairs the I'm Cica essence with the I'm V-Tox Patch

Brandi Marie King


This Model & YouTuber, has appeared in “Couples Night”, “Gym Life”, and “Caught the Series”. Brandi loves the I’M CICA and uses it to brighten her skin tone & reduce redness. I’M V-TOX PATCH helps to contour her jaw and neckline so she looks her best in those selfies!


Greg Rogstad loves Karatica's Platinum Fill Patch

Greg Rogstad

Greg is an actor and will be appearing in “The Lies I Tell Myself”. He loves the PLATINUM FILL PATCH and it’s ability to reduce under eye creases and dark circles, so after a night out, his skin looks refreshed and ready for the next scene. 



Katie Welch's choice is the I'm V-Tox Patch

Katie Welch

Katie is a singer-songwriter and is best known for her original songs “Tan Lines” and “The Weight of It All”. She uses the I’M V-TOX PATCH which keeps her skin looking youthful by moisturizing and firming. 


Karatica's I'm Cure Patch is perfect for Doris Morgado

Doris Morgado

Doris is most known for her role as Maria in “Logan” and has had recurring roles on “The Red Road”, “Army Wives”, “Jane the Virgin”, “NCIS” and has appeared in “Criminal Minds”. The I’M CURE PATCH removes dark spots left behind from prior blemishes and keeps her skin safe from further scarring.


Oscar Guerra is in love with the soothing power of the I'm Cure Patch

Oscar Guerra

Oscar is a Vlogger, has a Youtube channel, and uses the I’M CURE PATCH with micro-needles to get below the surface of his skin when he experiences breakouts. He likes that is soothes irritation and redness as well. 


Dylan Jordan's choice for foaming cleansers is Karatica's I'm Cica

Dylan Jordan

Dylan is best known for his lead role in “Endless Summer” and for his hit song “Like Me”. He loves the I’M CICA FOAMING CLEANSER because he doesn’t need to go to the dermatologist to reduce inflammation or redness, and his skin feels calmer after using the exfoliating cleanser.


Corey La Barrie combines the I'm Fill Patch with I'm Cure Patch for extra healing power for acne.

Corey La Barrie

The social media star & YouTuber has his own clothing and merch line “Under Appreciated”. He uses both the I’M FILL PATCH & I’M CURE PATCH to keep his skin free from cystic acne, while moisturizing at the same time to prevent future breakouts. 


Karatica's healing I'm Cure Patch is a favorite!


“Life with Kathy” blog writer, KathyBP mentions the I’M CURE PATCH 
in her blog. “I thought this was a really neat product. I had never really tried anything like this one before. Definitely one of those products you’d want to give a try. These will make for a really nice gift too.”  



Jennifer Bartels loves the zip-zapping, soothing I'm Cure Patch

Jennifer Bartels

Jennifer can be seen in “American Woman”, “Broken”, and “Friends of the People”. She uses the I’M CURE PATCH and really likes the two step process of the zip zapping patch, followed by the soothing hydrocolloid patch. 


The Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are a perfect blend for Caylee Cowan

Caylee Cowan

Caylee appears in “Year of the Detectives” and “Sunrise in Heaven”.
 She loves the I’M CURE PATCH because of it’s cocktail of natural anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. It’s also gentle on her sensitive skin.


Diana Z. 

“Wow! My skin has never felt better after using the I’M CICA cleanser. After 1 time using I instantly saw a difference in the texture of my skin. Using consistently the last 3 weeks has completely transformed my skin! I cannot fathom not using the I’M CICA in my daily skincare routine! Cannot wait to try more products by Karatica USA!” 


Jessica Ourisman ranks Karatica's I'm V-Tox Patch as a skin woe solution!

Jessica Ourisman

Jessica is a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle writer for “Glam”. In her article “10 Beauty Patches That Will Solve All Your Skin Woes” 

She mentions why she loves Karatica’s I’M V-TOX PATCH 

“Nope, this isn’t a face bra – but it does treat double chins. Meet the patent-pending facial patch for facial contouring. The firming patch applies non-toxic ingredients like caffeine and ginseng along the jawline to promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, while also strengthening the muscles of the face and easing inflammation.” -Jessica Ourisman