Each and every KARATICA product is engineered to out-perform even the most famous skincare brands on the market. We care about the integrity of our products and we care about your skin. Our use of high-quality ingredients and technological innovation provides real results without needles, procedures, or downtime. From our richly formulated Ampoules to our highly effective masks and beauty tools, KARATICA is designed to cater to your specific needs and give your skin exactly what it craves.


The World’s First Costheceutical Brand

Cosmetic + Aesthetic + Pharmaceutical

KARATICA combines ancient Eastern Tradition with Modern Medicine to achieve transformative results. A blend of precious stones, Korean herbalism, and precisely formulated ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and star anise, form a protective layer over the skin for unparalleled hydration and age reversal.

Patented, proven technology in the form of Neurolight 61G (originating from Aqueous Sand Lily) and plant-derived stem cells,, brings together the best of Nature and Science. Developed in collaboration with French companies JAVENECH and CODIF, the synchronization of these active ingredients heals and dramatically improves the condition of the skin.

By harnessing Scientific Theory and Medical Technology, the KARATICA team also created the KARAT ™ Method for unmatched formula absorption deep into the layers of the skin, which uses natural, salmon-extracted HPDR (High Polymerized Deoxyribonucleic Acid). Advanced costheceutical technology like this is what truly sets KARATICA apart.