South Korean surgeons and scientists have revolutionized the fields of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, but their contribution to the Global Beauty Industry doesn’t end with needles.

Using advanced biotechnology, the creators of South Korea’s famously high quality fillers and medical devices developed KARATICA as a new approach to skin care. Instead of simply masking lines, wrinkles and discoloration, they became the first in the world to develop the concept of Costheceuticals – a fusion of aesthetic, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical science that heals, corrects, and protects skin without invasive procedures. KARATICA has since won the approval of well-known dermatology clinics and spas throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, before finding its way onto the shelves of international beauty retailers.

OUR UNIQUELY PERSONALIZED CONCEPT was established as a distinctive Professional Skin Care System, providing a customizable solution to different skin concerns. Every product is scientifically formulated with safe and certified high-quality ingredients, and subject to rigorous cruelty-free testing. As an at-home professional skincare solution, KARATICA is engineered to treat six different areas of concern: Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle, Moisturizing, Pore Tightening, Skin Elasticity, and Trouble Care.

Each and every KARATICA product is engineered to out-perform even the most famous skincare brands on the market. We care about the integrity of our products and we care about your skin. Our use of high-quality ingredients and technological innovation provides real results without needles, procedures, or downtime. From our richly formulated Ampoules to our highly effective masks and beauty tools, KARATICA is designed to give your skin exactly what it craves.